By: Michala White

I know what you’re probably thinking: “’Charmed?’ What could a show about three sister witches using their magic to fight evil teach me about writing?” Well, as a professional writing student who leisurely watched “Charmed,” I noticed that the show had an interesting and inspiring use of writing techniques.


Sometimes getting words to rhyme in your writing is very difficult. The Halliwell sisters make rhyming look easy. During the show, they sometimes had to quickly come up with a spell off the top of their heads to vanquish the demon. This taught me that sometimes just going off what pops into your head is a good way to begin.

Character Development

Over this show’s eight seasons, you notice each character getting stronger as their powers develop. For example, Pheobe has the power of premonitions. Although she thought she had the weakest power, towards the later seasons, she is able to levitate and realizes that she is an empath. Her character grows and accepts herself, and to me that showed a good example of character development.

Twisted Endings

Most of the episodes have a happy ending, but then there are the ones that hit you like a ton of bricks. When I came across those episodes, I found myself giving up sleep just to see what happens. When your prose of poem pieces have a twisted climax or ending, it clasps the reader making them want to analyze what happened or keep going to figure out what is going to happen next.

Vanquishing Demons

Vanquishing demons is a major them throughout “Charmed.” It made me realize how the sisters had to conquer their greatest fears and what holds them back from becoming stronger. Once they vanquished their toughest demons, they were unstoppable. This is one of the major themes that has inspired me to continue to write out everything, even if they were the toughest topics, because in the end, I will feel powerful.
I recommend that everyone watches Charmed, not only because it is funny, has a lot of girl power, and the fashion is phenomenal, but because you may be inspired to vanquish one of your demons or to simply tell your story.

What Writers Can Learn from “Charmed”

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