Volume 16

Cover art by Danielle “Deo” Owensby.
Cover design by Sarah Polega.

Special thanks to Danielle DeVoss, Ben Gilholme, Eileen Hedrick, Laura Julier, Jonah Magar, and Curtis VanDonkelaar.









  • Sometimes, Ordinary by Dianne Borsenik, poetry
  • The Apple-Flavoured Cow by Dominic Dudley, fiction
  • The Gem of the Heart is in 7-11 by Michael Bartlet, poetry
  • Alice’s Window by Charles O’Hay, poetry
  • Eternal Drag by Haran Sivapalan, fiction
  • Reincarnation Nation by Mark Brazaitis, poetry
  • Egg Cuts and King Kong by Greg Bachar, fiction
  • Flightless by Kelly Nelson, poetry
  • The Muscle by Donald Illich, poetry
  • It Could Be Worse by Gil Prowler, fiction
  • In Rome by Charlie Burgess, poetry
  • The Middle of Nowhere by Daniel Connelly, poetry
  • Two Kings by C. Gregory Thompson, fiction
  • Elucidation by Gregory Goodrich, poetry
  • 1-800-ART by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, poetry
  • An Intellectual Property by Elytron Frass, fiction
  • Goldilocks–Museum Viewers by David Sheskin, graphic fiction
  • Synchronicity by David Sheskin, graphic fiction
  • Essay Transparent to Midnight by Robert Vivian, nonfiction
  • Men Dressed as Toads by Melanie Strouse, fiction
  • My Life: The Movie by Mark Brazaitis, poetry
  • Hurt Play by Christopher Moylan, fiction
  • A Is for Apple by M K Sukach, poetry
  • What I Like and Don’t Like About Jogging in the Summer in the South by Ben Sloan, poetry
  • Requiem by Erin Gray, poetry
  • Eclipsed by Dianne Borsenik, poetry
  • “Was That Your Arse Sticking out on the Corner of Radcliffe and Maconie?” by Simon Williams, poetry
  • QUOTE REFERENCE NUMBER (VE/S/09/99) by JoeAnn Hart, fiction
  • Inclinations by Gregory Goodrich, poetry
  • Rejection Wiki: An Amalgam by Dawn Davies, fiction
  • Fermat’s Last Theorem by Stephanie Spector, poetry
  • Forward by Brittany Boza, poetry
  • The Walrus Who Touched the Sun by Brett Petersen, fiction
  • The Cannibal Hall of Fame by Ann Epstein, fiction
  • If I Have to Choose by S.J. Dunning, poetry
  • Expedition by Payton Cianfarano, poetry
  • Red by Harmony Murray, fiction
  • The Night Your Eyes Melted in My Mouth, Not in My Hand; Or How I Gave Away My Virginity by Natalie Adams, nonfiction
  • Marvin by Patty Somlo, fiction
  • The Yard Sale by Charles O’Hay, poetry
  • “I Am a Man of the Road These Days” and Other Things You Want to Say by Daniel Levin, poetry