Volume 15

Cover art by Audrey Kelly.
Cover design by Molly Burford, Emily Garavaglia, Stefan Krestakos, and Sarah Shoemaker.











Illustrated Narrative

  • Moaning Candles by Janne Karlsson


  • The Politics of Language by Brian Michael Barbeito
  • The 3 a.m. Crowd by Adam Berlin
  • Liquor and Love Don’t Mix by William Blomstedt
  • Coste Not Desired by Michael Bonnet
  • Ballerinas by Lea Bridi
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better by Lucie Britsch
  • Barney by Ron Burch
  • In the Name of Our Father by Gavin Chapman
  • Rollin Thru the Hood by Ray Childress
  • The Untapped by Adam Fishbein
  • Episodes in Embellishment by Howie Good
  • Home Hunting by James Holbert
  • Foreplay by Dan Kennard
  • Through the Door by Kiley Ladwig
  • When He Left by Caitlin Munch
  • What If You’ve Experienced Gravity? by Michael Onofrey
  • Hallows Dawn by Chelsea Prentice
  • Lunaphrenia by Ana Prundaru
  • The Crescent Moon by Scott Selden
  • Veronica Jo by Matt Smith
  • Sonder by Alaina Symanovich
  • The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese by Parker Weston


  • Fingers on the Piano Keys by Lana Bella
  • Linguistics Hunger by Lana Bella
  • Time by Lana Bella
  • The Watery Bone by Lana Bella
  • 24 by Lucie Britsch
  • Series 9, Episode 2, 12 Minutes by Lucie Britsch
  • Hanging Lights by Kika Dorsey
  • Love At First Sight by Stephen Philip Druce
  • Verdun 3D by Robin Dunn
  • Who’s the Scaredy Cat Now by Martin Durkin
  • The Air is on Fire by Howie Good
  • The Consolation of Philosophy by Howie Good
  • The Most Remarkable Substance Ever by Howie Good
  • Preparing for the Post-Apocalypse by Howie Good
  • Why Me by Howie Good
  • Confiding in the Blind by Howie Good and Dale Wisely
  • Possum Slim by Michael Lee Johnson
  • Algebra by Lee Kisling
  • The Plagues by Lee Kisling
  • A Ho . . . is a Ho by Pamela Mack
  • How to Snare a Wandering Womb by Megan Merchant
  • Prairie Madness, 1862 by Megan Merchant
  • bedstead by Christopher Mulrooney
  • menu by Christopher Mulrooney
  • on the Victrola by Christopher Mulrooney
  • parsnips by Christopher Mulrooney
  • punctilious by Christopher Mulrooney
  • strawberry sundae by Christopher Mulrooney
  • vinegar upon nitre by Christopher Mulrooney
  • The Right of Sepulcher by Tracey K. Parker
  • I Went to Church with Bruises by Jessica Robinson
  • Potato Peelings by G David Schwartz
  • Baked, Cut, and Community Purpose by Kelly Trammell
  • Last Stand at McGraw-Hill by John Weaver
  • Ad Nauseam by Parker Weston
  • Six-Word Stories by Parker Weston
  • Terminal Optimism by Parker Weston
  • The Suit by Joy-Amy Wigman