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This week we’re back at it again, giving you all the zodiac guilty pleasuring you enjoy. This time we went the TV route, though, so get your cable/Netflix ready for your new obligatory show to check out.

Aries – Griffin Mcelroy
If you haven’t watched the very unknow, but quite hilarious show, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, you need to. You’ll find that as an Aries, you and Griffin Mcelroy might just be kindred spirits. You’re both fun and adventurous, with a knack for shenanigans and jokes. You might also relate to his childlike heart. Plus, he’s best friends with Lin Manuel Miranda, which makes him very cool in our books.

Taurus – Supergirl
Just like our resident Supergirl, you are a kind and loyal person. While you can also be stubborn to a fault, it’s obvious that you’re always fighting for what’s right. So whether you’re saving the world from villains, or supporting a friend in need, it’s easy to see why you and Supergirl are so much alike.

Gemini – Betty Cooper
Well Gemini, just as you are known as the two sided zodiac sign, so is Betty Cooper from Riverdale. Very similar to Geminis, Betty is intelligent and witty, exploring every all the mysteries her town has to offer and dreaming of what else is out there. Pretty relatable, right? But be careful, because while Betty is the smiling, energetic, social butterfly, if you mess with this girl, it won’t be pretty.

Cancer – Michael Scott
While Michael’s methods have always been unconventional at best, what Michael wants more than anything is to be surrounded and comforted by people who love him, and Cancers are the exact same way. You wear you heart on your sleeve and look to build strong relationships with those around you. You may feel overbearing at times, but your friends love you all the more for it.

Leo – Lorelai Gilmore
Anyone who has seen an episode of Gilmore Girls knows that Lorelai Gilmore has the small town of Stars Hallow wrapped around her finger. She sneaks her food into town meetings, gets free coffee every day, and can use her charms and wit to steal her way into anyone’s heart. She is a natural born leader and so are the Leos of the world. Make sure to use your powers of inspiration for good though.

Virgo – Leslie Knope
Creative? Check. Motivated? Check. Strong morals? Check.
It’s pretty clear to see why Leslie Knope makes a fabulous Virgo with her commitment to what’s right and love for creative projects. She would fly to the ends of the Earth if it meant helping her town or the people she loves (and of course she would make a scrapbook for the adventure). Like Leslie, you are just as devoted to what you love, and you can easily motivate yourself and others. Just remember to properly appreciate yourself every now and again.

Libra – Jessica Day
When she’s not keeping the peace between her roommates, Jessica Day is breaking for birds, passing the feelings stick, or bringing the homeless man that sleeps on her car cookies. She’s as idealistic and peace loving as any good Libra is, but even with her quirky attitude, she is also a strong and passionate person, which makes her your perfect TV counterpart.

Scorpio – Dwight Schrute
You don’t really get as offbeat as Dwight Schrute, owner of Schrute Farms (and a terrifying weapons collection we don’t like to bring up). He’s intense and usually has the answer for just about any question. Unless, of course, the question is “which bear is best?” But just like Dwight, you look for the truth in things and will fight for what you believe is right. You may get a little heated and intense at times, but it’s usually for a good reason. Just try not to set anything on fire while you’re at it.

Sagittarius – Jonah Simms
While you may not be familiar with Jonah from Superstore, you’re definitely familiar with his brand of idealism and enthusiasm. From helping complete strangers with their problems to racing shopping carts in the parking lot, Jonah is every bit as spontaneous and optimistic as a Sagittarius, and we’re sure you’ll definitely see some of yourself in him, especially when that idealism gets you into sticky situations…

Capricorn – Jane Villanueva
Ah Capricorn, you’re a hardworking and driven individual, making you very similar to our favorite accidental mother. While she definitely has her offbeat quirks, Jane has also been working to not only get her degree, but raise her son as well, and somehow she manages (it’s probably the crazy strict calendar she keeps). Just like her, you too strive to achieve your goals every day, and regardless of whether your planner is a neatly organized and color coded as Jane’s, nothing is going to stand in your way of success.

Aquarius – Temperance Brennan
While she may come off as standoffish, Temperance Brennan is a brilliant and independent
character, and we are fairly sure her love for bones (and the fact that she has carried a skull in her purse before) makes her pretty offbeat. Very much like Bones, you care about people and value honesty and intelligence, but remember to lean on other people every now and again.

Pisces – Andy Dwyer
How could someone as friendly and imaginative as Andy Dwyer not be a pisces? Need someone to write you a cool song or a best friend to eat pizza and play videogames with? Andy Dwyer is your man. He’s warm hearted and compassionate, the epitome of every Pisces. You’ll find that as a Pisces, you can definitely relate to his big heart and sensitive nature.

Pretty crazy, right?

Hope you found your new TV best friend. Or, write an offbeat story about how you don’t think you’re like them AT ALL and submit it to us! We’d love to hear back from y’all creatively.

Have a lovely weekend, watch all things offbeat, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely design team member, Emily Claus)

The Zodiac Signs as Offbeat TV Characters

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