So like all people do, you tend to pick up a few knick-knacks from holidays that seem oh so vital during the event, but unfortunately useless anytime else.

Well all your prayers (or errant thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon eat chips) are answered. Since it’s a little after Halloween, here are some genius ways to reuse your once one-night-stand Halloween gear.

#1: Fake Spiders/Hands/etc.-

The gag is hysterical to scare your roomie once or twice, or to pin on your shoulder to complete your monster costume. But what about after?


Well your spiders or hands can now be your new and improved passive aggressive post-it note.

Post-it-notes are now a joke, and no one takes them seriously. Now if your roommate isn’t doing the dishes, just start slowly accosting them with your little pets. They’ll get the message eventually.

#2: Pumpkins-

This one’s a little behind, but for some people who still have a few non-gutted, for decoration pumpkins you may be staring at them, sad they’’ll go to waste.


Well have no fear! Stick ‘em under a tree, and let the critters go wild. Squirrels can easily eat pumpkins, and they are so pleased to eat out its guts or nibble on its skin.

Just don’t get your friendly neighborhood squirrels too fat on treats!

#3: Fake Blood-

Fake blood is fab for a costume, but not much else.

Well, avid writers and often introverts, do I have a pitch for you. Fake blood can now become your perfect Plan B in an awkward situation. Someone talking too long, or ran into someone you hate?


Keep the fake blood handy, and have the best sudden nosebleed or papercut ever. No real cuts, and also no more people!

Freedom at last.

#4: Styrofoam Gravestone-

Now not only are these so funny on Halloween, but they are extra useless and breakable every day it’s not Halloween. It was 2 bucks, making it feel so worth it at the time! Now you realize it wasn’t really worth it.


Easy solution: pawn it off to someone else!

Just next party you have/go to, make it a gift for whoever did the worst at something. Person who loses at Dance Dance Revolution? RIP. Person who loses the most at bowling? RIP. Person stuck with my trash because I don’t want to throw a silly, stupidly breakable item out? RIPerooni to you.

#5: Bad horror movie you were pressured into buying-

So that new Paranormal Activity movie came out, and your SO was dying to see it. They had loved the others in high school, so this was a genius idea, right?


Now you’re stuck with a bad DVD that you never want to see again, but you spent $15 on it so it feels awful to just throw it out. Well, no need to fear!


Just use it as a coaster! Its brilliant! It’s a way to make any wine parties easier (or pop parties, whatever floats your boat) with another coaster, and you don’t have to waste that money. Also, you can go the cheap route and use the DVD plain, or there are many instruction on line on how to design one. Perfect, right?

#6: Edgar Allen Poe Mask that every writer has-

Now we all pretend we don’t have this, like it doesn’t sit in the back of our closet with our MCR sweatshirts and our emo preteen days, but the Poe mask is a part of writer living. Clearly.

It was a really funny costume a few years ago, when you were lazy and the Following was big and you were a writing person so HARDY HAR, writer stuff. But now it sits there, collecting dust sadly.


Now there is an easy way to reuse this mask and have all your problems ever be solved: become Edgar Allen Poe.

Now hear me out. Morbidity is back in, with all this horror in movies and zombie TV shows. If you become the Poe, you will be a famous poet with lots of money and everything you could ever dream of. Its complete genius.

Trust me.

Now that your Halloween items have not gone to waste, you can just happily go back to wasting your time writing. Which is actually not a waste I’m just bad at transitions.

Best of luck in your writing, Offbeaters, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

The 6 Ways to Make The After Halloween Not Suck

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