After a zombie horde or three, and a tumultuous battle for the Creative Non-Fiction winspot, we finally come to you, Offbeaters, with grand news. We lay our battleworn and bloody bodies in front of you to announce that our winner is….


We are so pleased to pick our winner, and we are so pleased for this contest to be over. Trust us, we adore your stories. We are probably going to hold another contest.

But like…. picking favorites out of your kids is hard guys.

Just know you are all loved and please all submit more stories for general submission or again for our next contest! We love y’all so much, and we love writing, and it’s all a fab jam. Keep it up.

So Happy Thanksgiving, Offbeaters, hope you love this grand treat before some good eats.

Kill all them zombies, and stay weird.

The Battle is Over! Our Creative Non Fiction Winner has Emerged Victorious!

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