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With Beauty and the Beast coming out this weekend, we at The Offbeat wanted to reflect on the new trend of live action and/or rebooted Disney movies. While we all have our own reservations about ones currently in the works or some done in the past, we all know the trend will continue with or without us.

Therefore, we wanted to discuss some more offbeat ideas for reboots or live actions that we would be interested in Disney trying out. If we can’t beat them, maybe we can at least join them in our offbeat way.

The Sword in the Stone– Live Action
Honestly, I am super biased here. I loved this story and its look on young Arthur, in a less grandiose way and more in a fun, childish way. It’s nice to see him have a childhood instead of just being super serious and intense. Less emphasis on chosen one and more on who he is as a human. Also Madame Mim would be a joy to watch again. I would be interested to see what modern technology would do with this material as a live action movie.

Hercules– Live Action
I personally love this movie, and Hades was great, and I loved Meg, but the plot and the main hero could have used a little work. I do admit I liked that Hercules was so well-meaning and a big, strong nice guy, but he did need more depth or more to work with. A retelling with some different twists would be interesting. Or, crazily, do a Hades centered one on why he hates Zeus so much and him being sassy and his great self. I’d watch it. Hades was great. Either idea would be a worthwhile choice to look into.

The Black Cauldron– Live Action
The Black Cauldron was a black sheep even when it came out. And it terrified the shit out of me. But how great could it be now, after movies like The Lord of The Rings?! (Sword fighting, monsters, and Gurgi could so be done.) Action, saving the world, a kickass princess, HORNED KING. He would scare people shitless. He certainly scared young me. Disney does seem to be taking a more serious route now, so the Horned King would be an easy scary villain for Disney. It also could give them a movie with a badass, scary villain again inside of sort of villains or none. I like the change up from big bad villains, but I also kind of miss them a little as well.

The Great Mouse Detective 2
The great Mouse Detective was one of the quiet Disney gems, with a humble story but highly entertaining characters. A whole bunch of awesome material could be easily made on the development of the feud between Basil and Ratigan. I wouldn’t say to do an origin story, but just more of them bantering and trying to outwit one another. It was so fun. It doesn’t have to be the same story, just a different one between the pair. As Ratigan does die at the end of the movie (sorry, spilers), it could be a mystery in between the case with Olivia Flaversham and their beginning. Also, now that Lefou is our first gay character, Disney can up those undertones (or overtones) of how obsessed with each other Ratigan and Basil are.

Fantasia 3
I just love the first Fantasia, and am still interested in the second even if not as much, and would love to see what else could be done. The forest guardian being destroyed by the volcano was one of my favorite scenes in 2000, as was the flying whales. In the original, the Greek mythology segment as well as the Churnabog one were also favorites. Even if I didn’t love scenes, though, it was cool so see music represented visually by artists and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it.

Pinocchio– Live Action
Modernizing Pinocchio would be interesting. With the tech age being big, a robot boy or an AI they call the “Pinocchio Project” would be fascinating to delve into. Maybe by the end he ends up getting a corporeal body, but sacrifices himself for whatever father figure he’s given, who then instead of being reuploaded, but the boy refuses and decides to die on his own terms. To die like a human. It can investigate and explorehow death is part of making us human. It could be pretty profound and interesting. But not like Speilberg’s A.I., so let’s not go that route.

Welp, that just made me want to watch more Disney movies. Good thing I’m seeing Beauty and the Beast this weekend!
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Wish upon stars, imagine brilliant remakes, and stay weird.

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