Hello fellow Offbeaters! Almost everytime I picture y’all as little whisks or spoons or, clearly, beaters, being all cute and quirky and lovely. My, wouldn’t that be a fun little design thing…


Maybe we should talk about that later before my imagination wanders off with me.

This lovely grand Tuesday of all lovely grand Tuesdays, we are going to a kingdom where all artists at least once traverse when avoiding their work.



Now within this grand kingdom of Netflix, is another kingdom. A much smaller one, but one I am recommending you stop at at least once. Its quirky, its crazy, its cute.

Its name is Moonrise Kingdom.


This little movie came out in 2012 and completely flew under my radar. I didn’t even see it until this year when doing a project on Netflix itself, and I happened to see a gif on the company’s twitter page of the main characters dancing.

Lo and behold, months later, its still a super adorable and quirky movie that became an easy target for an offbeat recommendation.

The premise is that both the main characters are twelve year old outcast introverts, Sam and Suzy. Sam is an awkward orphan funneled from place to place, and Suzy is a bookworm with a weird way of thinking. After they meet, they immediately become kindred souls. Now when they decide to run away together is when things get interesting.


The movie has an all-star cast of Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Tilda Swinton, to name a few, and was written and directed by Wes Anderson. The more I talk about it the more I’m kabobbled why I never heard of it before 2016, but I digress.


If you’re looking for a colorful, kooky movie that is more honest about the characterization of 12 year old outcasts than I’ve ever seen (trust me as an ex 12-year-old outcast), Moonrise Kingdom is perfect. Yes, its weird. Yes its crazy. Yes, some actions are even a little unbelievable. But isn’t that exactly what The Offbeat is about?

Sam and Suzy are both slightly little abnormal children that cause trouble, but are really enjoyable leads and understandable once you take the time for them. Its also great to watch how the movie cleverly shows their world unfold throughout the movie. Things just seem offbeat as hell in the beginning, but it leads you to show that there’s more to these two preteens, and the island they live on, than initially seems.



So that’s all I’ve got to you today. Feel free to check out the movie on Netflix if you have it. And if you don’t have Netflix, I am sure your productivity is on point… but I’m also not sure how you’re living. Are you all right? I will gladly prescribe you a weekly dose and get you better.

…But since I won’t pay for it, feel free to ignore everything I’ve said. Bills are truly more important than Netflix. I’ll just watch it for you. Just tell me what you need watched, my Offbeaters, and I’ll watch all of it. Its how much I love you guys.

Anyway, good luck on your treks to Moonrise Kingdom, or Netflix Kingdom, or any kingdom.


Slay some dragons, save some royalty, don’t die, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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