…If you know, your crazy ex-girlfriend is a funny, quirky, likable, and all around an interesting protagonist.

Welcome, Offbeaters, to another delightful rendition of The Offbeat telling you to check out offbeat things because we’re cool and meta and hip… Mostly.

This Tuesday, we are showing off a show-tune riddled, psychotic-driven delight called Crazy-Ex Girlfriend. never heard of it? You’re gonna now!


Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a TV show that is aired on the CW. It is in its second season, released on Friday nights. The show also won 4 Emmy’s last year, the most impressive one being for its music. At least two original song numbers are produced each episode, because the main character, Rebecca Bunch, basically thinks/processes in high-production musical features. (Exciting, right?)


Speaking of Bunch, Rebecca is the crazy ex-girlfriend in question. She is a wicked smart New York lawyer who is completely miserable, anxious, and depressed. After getting her first bout of happiness in years while running into an ex-boyfriend from her teenage summer camp, she drops her promotion to partner, and her entire life, to move out to California for him.


And things only get crazier from there.

Though Rebecca can be so embarrassing its cringe-worthy sometimes, she’s so likable, funny, and (disturbingly) relatable to anyone who had suffered through mental instabilities. Following her journey to discover new romance (while actually just slowly learning she needs to discover herself) is a joy and quite funny. The show is a strong, hilarious, beautiful, offbeat experience. Overwhelmed with awesomeness yet?


And I mean, with songs like “Heavy Boobs” and “Sexy Getting Ready Song”, as well as a stellar and fantastic supporting cast of characters and voices, the show is a knock-out. I casually bought the whole album. No biggie.

And The Offbeat staff looks just as fabulous and is just as hilarious, so maybe check it out. It’ll be like we’re your friends. On your TV. Just there. Always.


All you’ve ever dreamed of, of course.

Well hope y’all check it out, and happy week. Check out our wacky words tomorrow or our writing prompt Saturday. We do it all for you.

Get crazy, contribute in spontaneous, choreographed musical numbers, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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