Hello, Offbeaters. Hope you all have a fabulous break with some great food!

If you tried our stuffing recipe and it was a little too offbeat for your families, we are not to be held accountable.

And speaking of accountability, we have one hell of a recommendation for you guys today! Even better, its an utterly free one again! We just love giving you guys all the free stuff 😉


From the creators of Rick and Morty comes the ludicrous, zany VR game, Accounting. In this game you are an accountant in a firm, and there it is. There you go. You are an accountant. Best game ever right? Recommendation over! We all can go home.


Ok, there’s a bit more to it than that. Though you do start out as an accountant, you eventually go into a VR inception-fest of ludicrousness and fun. I know little about it, despite reading several articles, but I’m sure its akin to a mix-up of two Rick and Morty episodes, one involving a VR video game and an inception dream fest.

And this one starts with you as one gorgeous accountant.


From what I do know though, first you’re an accountant. Than you have some run-ins with an obese king. Then fire. And did I mention that this photos are serious screen-caps? You are so very welcome. The insanity is ensuing.

After the popularity and love for the offbeat Rick and Morty, I’m sure a free VR game in a similar vein of humor will be a grand time. Despite your opinion on the show itself, you gotta admit the cleverness and creativity of the writers.

So any of our gaming readers, go forth and VR! And since the game is free, buying a VR headset is clearly no big deal.

Just kidding. They are a little expensive. Don’t just go out and buy a headset. Purchase with discretion and frugality, folks. We all don’t need to be starving writers all the time.

Well anyway, if you can check this game out and see what it has in store with you.

… Or just watch Rick and Morty. That’s a pretty cool thing too.


Watch out for Ricks, don’t be a Jerry, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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