Hello my friendly firing Offbeaters!

… I didn’t mean that as you kill each other. Meant it as rapid-fire thoughts and friendliness. My rapid-fire thoughts have betrayed me. Did I just friendly fire myself…?

Anyway, all meandering scattered-ness aside, it’s time for that Offbeat recommendation of the week, parked on Tuesdays since who does anything on Mondays anyway.

This week we’re recommending an app, of all backward, odd ideas. But this app isn’t just like any app. This app is an app that lets you read a bunch of various, crazy comics… for free.

Quell your thunderous applause at this glorious find.


The app is called WebToon, and is free for your phone (and has an online version) and holds copious amounts of ongoing, free web comics. Some are the quick few panel jokes (some of you may be familiar with LunarBaboon) and others are full-fledged, chaptered or even season-based stories in beautiful, comic form.

(Here’s LunarBaboon!)

Personally, as your neighborhood friendly, and anonymous, Offbeat contact, I have a few favorites of my own I am into.

I am currently reading The Gamer, a fantasy comic about a teenage hero who finds out he has powerful “gamer abilities” in the real world. Trust me, it’s fantastic. (Please laugh at my puns).


Also, I am now caught up to and anxiously awaiting next week’s strip of a comic called Space Boy. It’s a drama/romance/sci-fi, and it’s got great characters, heartwarming humor, and a cute design.


But beyond my likes, it really has a lot to offer. It’s also super easy to read a little between various activities. I like to read on the bus or during lunch. This app, or webpage if you prefer, is an easy way to do quick, gorgeous reading and find great stories without too much tedium.

It’s clever, it’s goofy, it’s not what you’d expect. That’s as Offbeat as it gets, folks, and I hope you find much joy if you check it out.

Read some great comics, best of luck in your writing, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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