…Even though we’re already quite strange. But don’t pay mind that technicality behind the curtain.

Hello Offbeaters and welcome back to another Offbeat recommendation Tuesday (because who does anything on a Monday anyway).


Now if you haven’t noticed by now, we are going to be recommending you fabulous people to the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange today. Like our past entry, Dr. Strange has several Offbeat features that make it a fantastic Offbeat Rec. First of all, the psychedelic and illusion imagery of the story is offbeat and very unique, and gives the movie its own special feel. Second, its one of the first Marvel movies in a little while that is pretty individual instead of having Avengers pop in and out or it be a big superhero bonanza. But of course, we must address one offbeat, but controversial elephant in the room…


Another big point of being a little out there is that the story switches the normally Tibetan, male role of the Ancient One into a female, played by Tilda Swinton. As I anxiously await to see the movie ’til this weekend, I can’t comment on it, nor can I as non-Tibetan person. But I recommend you go see it to make up your mind about it and check out these stellarly raved visuals. Many other members of the Offbeat have, though, and excitedly promote seeing the movie.

And now to the most Offbeat thing of all, the true reason you must go see this movie. The reason any people go to any movies similar.


To see Benedict Cumberbatch’s weird but oddly mesmerizing face.

So take two hours of your free time and check out this pretty offbeat movie. We at The Offbeat and Benedict Cumberbatch appreciate it.

Keep on consuming media, best of luck in your writings, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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