Hello majestic Offbeaters, tossing your hair into the wind and being all magical.

Yeah, I’m having a goofy, good day, so don’t mind me.

Anyway, got that beautiful majestic picture of yourself in mind? All settled and glorious?

Well now make it a little more undead and you’re about where we are today for the offbeat recommendation.

Why undead? Why, because of UndeadEd of course.

What’s that, you say? Well, thank you for asking.

A long while back, I recommended a whole webcomic app to everyone: Webtoons. Since then, I’ve clearly become much more involved in the whole thing and have read many a webcomic now. One of my favorites, and particularly one of my favorites that is completely finished, is UndeadEd. Its about a young man who wakes up one day realizing he’s undead, and has to figure out why he’s like this and what happens next. Best kind of story on Valentine’s Day, right?

Well, Ed, the main character, is funny and chaotic and a great main character. Though he’s imperfect, his quest to figure out why he’s unable to just die becomes a fascinating and hilarious tale about life after life. Its also a quick, easy read; not only because its on an app, but because every chapter is only 4 panels. Also, as I said the whole thing is finished, so you don’t have to suffer like I do waiting each week for new chapters of things. The whole process can be pretty killer.

Yeah, sorry, bad pun there. Anyway, on this journey, Ed has a great cast of colleagues join him, including his girlfriend, who is pictured above. Being about the undead, it also naturally has several supernatural cast members and even some really whacky humans as well. You might even get some surprises through the whole thing.

Ok, I swear, that wasn’t really a spoiler. I just love how he stomps in. But there are still a bunch of turns and surprises along the way that make for a great, darkly humored, supernatural tale of what you do when you wake up (un)dead.

Here is a link to the story on the web, and I am still a full proponent of picking up Webtoons for your phone, so do it if you are willing and inclined and like comics. Its so easy. Addicting, yes, but are book lovers anything but addicts?

So how ’bout we all sit down, open the story up, and ponder life while getting a little undead.

Read lively, be careful of your noses, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

Recommendation #14: The Offbeat Gets Undead

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