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Today things are getting a little heated with bullets flying every which way. Don’t believe me? Well, check out what we’ve got on tap.

This week, we are recommending a quirky game called Enter the Gungeon, a dungeon-crawler game where a player can select one of characters to “enter the gungeon”. The gameplay is crazy, unlike most dungeon crawlers you get to spray instead of stab, and there are so many bullets everywhere. Even the enemies are bullets (no joke).

So what is the game like? Its similar to a recently popular game, The Binding of Isaac, when you die you restart the entire game. Except now with bullets. Yeah, pretty unforgiving. But its wild and fun, trust me. I mean, living bullets, right?

I will not give up my enthusiasm for souls inside bullets shooting other bullets. Its so meta.

Now, to the plot. The gungeon is a place of legend, that is said to have a mysterious, powerful weapon that can “kill” the past and effectively erase an event. For many years, it was battled over and much bloodshed was wrought, but now it works as a sort of dangerous, last ditch effort for troubled or regretful people to rewrite their painful pasts. The story focuses on four “gungeoneers”, as they’re called, who have decided to try to right the wrongs of their past. The four playable characters are The Convict, The Marine, The Hunter, and The Pilot. They each come with separate starting items from weapons, active effect items, or passive abilities. Check out the video game’s wiki if you want to learn more about all of this stuff.

And so let’s get to my favorite part: the nerdy, badass stuff. So, in this game things also change each time you die. Seriously, you name it. The map, the bosses, and even the weapons are different each time you come back. Obviously, you’ll eventually start seeing repeats as the game doesn’t want to torture you with never knowing what will happen, but its pretty cool. Personally, as seen below, I’m partial to a first-level boss called Gatling Gull and the Ghostbuster’s plasma rifle you can get. Its completely not that I’m bad at the game and can’t get past the first level why I only recommend early level things. Its totally not that. Totally about you guys, our readers, and not spoiling anything for you. Totally.

Well, I believe I’ve rambled on enough. The game came out quite a bit ago, maybe even early last year, and if this interests you totally check it out. Its a blast (literally), even if you’re horrible (like me).

Just take that chance to erase the past and Enter the Gungeon.

Make friends with soulful bullets, don’t count your deaths, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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