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Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a scrumdiddlyumptious weekend.

Now speaking of the umptious aforementioned, who loves books?! Oh, every single one of you?

So this week I’m here to recommend to you something that I think is fantastic. Like ultra fantastic. Like I’m so biased but please love it because I love it style.

Anyway, so that means that this week I’m recommending Finding Audrey, a novel by Sophie Kinsella, a hilarious British author.


Now, if you do know Ms. Kinsella its likely for her Shopaholic series.


But I personally am madly in love with her one-off novels with comedic heroines, and have been reading them for years. Recently, though, she tried her hand at a YA novel with Finding Audrey. The book is about a teen girl with serious anxiety issues and how she deals with her life moving forward.

Initially I was worried. It was a little out of Kinsella’s normal range so no matter how excited I get, I was really afraid of crashing and burning. I didn’t want to find a book of hers I didn’t like.

Well lucky for me, it was goddamn fantastic.

Kinsella shines in her comedic but relatable main heroines, normal women just trying to go about life but something goes haywire and they end up on wild adventures where they find out a lot about themselves in the process. In a way it can totally be considered rom-com, but its one of the few rom-com’s that I personally think get it right. The main focuses are still these women’s lives and the comedy. It just happens there are funny, lovable romantic interests there as well.

Anyway, back to Finding Audrey and not me just gushing about Kinsella’s books.


So this book is about a girl in who teens who has gone through a serious trauma that has now led her to develop/trigger an anxiety disorder. Throughout the book, she is learning how to navigate getting better and finding herself again, while also finding center with her family again. Everyone in her family is a little haywire since her diagnosis, and they all have their own personal troubles to wrestle with. And there is of course a cute boy, but I’ll let Audrey tell you about him once you get to reading it.

It tackles mental illness, teenage-life, and familial relationships much better than I ever expected. Kinsella really is quite good at finding the heart of things and bringing them out, while also bringing cheerful light to things. Finding Audrey was wonderful to read, and since then I’ve reread two others of her novels.


In a very complicated and sometimes scary world, Kinsella’s books are a breath of fresh air. And not in a fluff, read to consume literature kind of way. Not the way you watch HGTV or read magazines at the doctor’s office. Her books are lighter, but they make me feel good and happy and have great messages about finding yourself and being who you are. They aren’t fluff. They are true, honest to god, feel-good yet meaningful literature.

And as a person who prefers darker fare, it’s really damn impressive.

So if you want a great laugh, a strong heroine, and real human intrigue, check Finding Audrey out. And for that matter, any of Kinsella’s books, really. Here’s a link to her website.


Because sometimes all you really need is a good, clever laugh.

Read funny, find your inner heroines, and stay weird.

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