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So, as I’m sure as anyone who has checked these out since they’ve started, that the title is a little interesting today. For anyone who hasn’t been around that long, our first ever media recommendation was on the book A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. In that recommendation, I mentioned there was a movie coming out for the book and how people should go check it out.


Well I thought, as a solicitor of media experiences from you guys, that since I followed my own advice and did see the movie that I should say a little of my thoughts and if I recommend it here.

After watching the movie AND reading the book, my thoughts are…


…I surprisingly really loved the movie and thought it brought a new element to the story that the book actually lacked in, even though it did lack some of the things the book excelled in.

Now, one super cool thing about this movie is that the author, Patrick Ness, also wrote the screenplay. He didn’t just sell away the rights; he had creative handle over the story. Now I’m sure other authors have had this too, but Ness was magnificent at replacing or changing scenes or dialogue to benefit the medium instead of writing them how he wanted. It was amazing. I clearly remember while watching that certain parts of the book were absent, but he managed to make it work so well in the movie version that I wasn’t mad they were gone. For the movie version, it worked better but didn’t take away any of the story.


And I can’t even explain how different, but still wonderful, the climax made me feel in the book vs. the movie. The book definitely had a lot more emphasis on the quiet moments; often the ones in Conor’s (the main character’s) head. But as we were not in his head in the movie, input more emphasis into louder, more outwardly emotional moments, and it worked great.

So I know this’ll end up short, but as an avid lover of both the book and movie, I’d rather recommend you see it yourself instead of have me ruin it. It has an all-star cast, with Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver, and Felicity Jones as the adults and a newcomer, Lewis MacDougall, as Conor. He does wonderfully, and honestly they all do really well.


Please go see it and support this lovely author and this wonderful book and this great movie. Its all worth it.

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a wonderful week, Offbeaters, and see you on Thursday!

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