Hello our beloved, bewitched Offbeaters! Want to talk about setting things on fire?

Of course you do. Because we’re The Offbeat.

Now, it’s that time of the week where we give you guys new media to obsessively consume, as we art lovers do. Would have given it Monda,y but we all know no one does anything on Mondays.

So now back to that fire.

If any of you have gotten out your lighters, stop right there. We are not condoning unsafe pyromania. Not one bit. We are condoning the new play from everyone’s favorite youtube musical theater group, Starkid Productions! This summer they debuted a musical titled “Firebringer” (eh, get all those fire references now?) about cavepeople discovering fire for the first time.


It’s hilarious, clever, and the soundtrack comes out this week! Also, in December, the musical itself will grace Youtube for everyone’s FREE viewing pleasure.


Now some background why you should be so hype, if you’re not so familiar. Starkid Productions was initially just a group of college students from U of M who really loved musical theater, and together they made their first big hit: A Very Potter Musical. The parody musical is still on Youtube for anyone who wants to check it out. An interesting fun fact is that it starred Darren Criss (the well-known Glee cast member who played Blaine Anderson) as Harry Potter himself.


7 years later, Starkid Productions has done many parody musicals since, including Holy Musical Batman, Twisted (an Aladdin/Wicked parody), Ani (A Star Wars Parody), and much more. This musical is a break from the pattern, in the fact that it is not a parody, but is brilliant nonetheless. Two members of The Offbeat team even saw it in person in Chicago. (It was fantastic, they insist).




The musical has humor, romance, commentary, fabulous music, and is an all around enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for new tunes and a great at home musical to watch on a rainy or, likely more apt, procrastination day, this musical is for you. So until Firebringer comes out, check out some of Starkid Productions’ other works and allow yourself such grand joy in your life.

And if you’re going to set some fires, at least set off some safe ones.


Watch some great productions, keep your extinguishers close, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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