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Today is a slightly offbeat Offbeat Media Recommendation, so prepare yourselves. Things don’t get better than that joke.

So, as The Offbeat staff crawls wearily through final projects with battle scars galore, I thought it would be a good time to take a moment to do something super offbeat for artists, writers, college students, and general humans too.

Take care of ourselves.

Every week I pop into here so hyped up and excited, and trust me, I am. As the blog manager, I love this job of writing recommendation posts for our offbeaters, and as the quirkiest oddo in the bunch here, I have all the weird recommendations. I even had a really sick one for today, but it’s going to be postponed for this important message. Despite what this blog may say, I, Stephanie Marceau, hyper quirky blog manager extraordinaire, am a tired, messy, stressed out artsy type who kinda just wants a hot chocolate and hug like anyone else.

Which leads to my next point. One of the best offbeat things about The Offbeat that I think every one of you readers should know is that we’re just normal stressed, weirdo, unique human beings. We may seem perfectly put together in the best wild way, but just because our journal is like that doesn’t mean we are. Everyone is kinda offbeat simply because no one is the same. We all have our quirks, zany moments, and (dare I say it) “things”. Just because we’re part of the staff doesn’t make us less zany in those most human ways.

Now, do share some badass offbeat things on this blog, and I’ve loved every one of them. And before we go down that rabbit hole, yes, I’ve read/watched/experienced all of these things. Offbeat weird media is my jam. And I’m proud of all the things we’ve shared.

But that doesn’t mean you should let our cool weird things take away from your cool weird things. Hell, suggest us to write about them too. Tweet at us! The Offbeat is open to the innately weird parts of being human and how that affects our art. Please tell us about your sculptures, or topiary gardens, or gnome collections. Write stories about them. Love and enjoy our offbeat, but don’t leave yours silent either.

So today our recommendation is take a break from being a great reader or writer and being involved and instead do something offbeat just for you. Eat that weird ice cream. Go walk your lizards. Make your own perfume. Do those weird things that make you, you.

And no matter what, stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

Media Recommendation #24: The Offbeat in You

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