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Hope you all are having a purple-cast, gloomy, enigmatic sort of day.

And that properly leads us into the sort-of double feature, wonderful media recommendation we have today.

Get your glow-clouds ready, because welcome to the world of Night Vale!

Welcome to Night Vale began as a horrifically odd sci-fi-esque podcast about the radio show of a very strange town (Night Vale). It is narrated by the radio host, Cecil, and through his commentary and ads we get a dash of how terrible and wonderful this abnormal town is. The podcast, unsurprisingly, became very popular for its unique tone, format, style, and writing. It was clever and intelligent and strange in all the good ways.

Now, Welcome to Night Vale eventually got popular enough that the writers of the podcast wrote a book, also titled Welcome to Night Vale, about a particular strange event of the town, in clearly a more narrative format than the night by night adventures of Cecil, the radio host. Its about how Jackie, a shop owner, and a mother named Diane and her son, Josh, deal with a mysterious man who has been involved in their lives. Though the book is more linear, the oddness does not change and characters mentioned in the podcast are sprinkled about in wonderful fashion.

The world and stories of Night Vale are are best described, in my opinion, as a cross between the Twilight Zone and Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls is a little too overarching, and Twilight Zone a bit too one-off, but the sci-fi loving, weird town digging baby of the two is Welcome to Night Vale.

I can’t quite spend too much time praising it, simply because it’s best advertised by itself. And the mouse monster under my bed told me I shouldn’t. Therefore, I’ll let some choice quotes entice your twisted tastebuds.

And trust me, there’s even more.

The entirety of the podcast is full of these Twilight Zone, wild sci-fi experiences, worthy of Invisible Man short story regaling. (You can’t tell I love sci-fi too much, right?) So if you desire some dark shadowy figure, you better go check it out yourself. Mouse-monster and I will be waiting right here for you.

Don’t watch your back, say hi to the old woman living in your house, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

Media Recommendation #22: Welcome The Offbeat to Night Vale!

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