Hello friendly offbeaters! Welcome back to The Offbeat blog for another riveting recommendation.

As is it our twentieth post into this great series, I thought we should celebrate with a little throwback. What kind of little throwback, you ask?

Well, this movie is not only nearly twenty years old itself, but also has wild costumes, a killer songstress, multipasses, and none other than Bruce Willis as its leading man.

You’re damn right. Its the one, the only, The Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element was a wild and weird sci-fi flick that came out in 1997 and starred Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Chris Tucker. It follows the tale of the near end of the world and the crazy journey to save it.

Now, I do also have a personal attachment to this story. Its one of my father’s favorite movies of all time so I grew up watching the hell out of it. I have very nostalgic and loving feelings for this movie. I could watch Korben Dallas be a badass all day. Or listen to the Diva song all day. Its just enjoying as hell to me.

That does not mean the movie is perfect.

The wildness of it all can be a little much or a little too campy at times, and the romance between the leads is a little unmotivated and underdeveloped. Its in no way a perfect movie.

But friggin hell is it a good time.

From one wild action scene to another, or one bright costumed scene to another, its so much to take in and get hooked on. Its great in that great to watch way, not per say great to analyze one. Its a movie that is a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone who loves funny sci-fi.

As sci-fi is often leaned towards the serious end, I always appreciate movies like The Fifth Element. They may not be perfect but I can have fun with their universe. I love the shit out of Alien, but I’d rather NOT live in that canon. Ever. I’d rather swallow knives that have xenomorphs breaking through my chest or chasing me until I die. Sci-fi just struggles to be funny sometimes, since its such a great source of strong commentary or seriousness in stories. Not to say the seriousness isn’t bad, but I like to laugh with aliens too, not just kill or anguish.

Either way, I highly recommend the movie. Its pure enjoyment, so if you want to sit down and have some real fun I suggest you check it out.

Grab your multipass, go on an adventure with Bruce Willis, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

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