Hey Offbeaters! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Now ready to go monster-killing?

Okay, maybe I jumped into that a little too headstrong. Let’s take a moment to think and breathe and then try again.


Damn. I’m sorry guys, I’m a dishonorable mess. I just really love fantasy action and it makes me very destractable with a one-track mind. I promise to try to be better about it. The show must go on, right? We must get this recommendation in proper order!

….But maybe monster killing will make it better?

Oh god, okay, anyway, here’s Newman.

Newman, by Josh Ulrich, is a hilarious darker comedy comic about monster hunters in a modern fantasy world. Our main hero, Newman, is a short gnome who has a sharp sense of humor, a lone wolf, pessimistic attitude, and loves killing monsters. Of course, this is after his pixie girlfriend dumps him and he’s bitter about anyone pushing themselves into his life.

Then in comes Gwen, a feisty drow elf with a romantic side who is Newman’s new monster hunting partner. Nothing could go wrong, right?

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This comic is wild. I love it. It’s got vibrant colors, bold characters, sharp wit, and a great vibe going for it overall. There are very few comedy-based fantasy comics I’ve found on WebToons (which is of course where it’s from, because of course I already recommended at least the website/app to y’all) and it’s one of my favorite things on the site, period.

The creator of the comic is also the maker of a pirate comic called Jackie Rose, which is similarly funny and badass. So that’s pretty cool.

Back to Newman.

The longer the story goes, regardless of the developments, the creator manages to keep it fresh and interesting, something I highly appreciate and admire. Sometimes in a comedy things can get stuck in a loop or if it has overarching chapters or seasons, like Newman, things can get complex and tiring fast.

But Newman is amazing so, you should definitely just go read it and lose the best couple hours of your life.

Kill monsters, read comics, and stay weird.

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