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Now, we know you are used to a certain precedence here of quality weekly Thursday content, but with all the work this week for the launch and the wonderful editor’s note posted yesterday, our feature blog this week will just be a quick, kind recap of our launch party for any of you fine people that missed it.

So all of us staff got there around 5:00 to set up, be awkward helpers, and look pretty. The new Offbeat Staff, made of new and old members(who you will certainly meet and love), and (mostly) all of last semester’s members were there to enjoy the launch of our gorgeous journal.

We were sitting by the fireplace in Schuler’s Book Store, with chairs in front of a podium that neither of our free-spirited readers used. But it painted a lovely scenery, a journal of stories surrounded by stories, and was warm and welcoming. Shortly before the party, cookies, sandwiches, two contributors, and whatnot all congregated so we were fed and filled with bomb literature. We really made the place quite lively.

A side-note, a super real shout out to Schuler’s for hosting our party.

Now back to describing.

So our guest readers were vol. 17 contributors Jay Hull and Joanna White, who were both kind and wonderful. We got to hear their stories and see the face that went with the words we had read for a whole semester. Everyone was friendly and full of cookies, and it was such a nerdy, offbeat, and pleasant time. Some people even perused the rest of the book store and bought some other books as well.

And then our journal itself. Its still beautiful, and its even more beautiful sitting in your hands. Trust us, we’re so proud of all of you and ourselves and the work that’s been done. Writing is just the best, guys.

And, unfortunately, I was too caught up to take pictures, so I hope you guys can count on my words to believe this fab tale.

In summary, that was our lovely launch party. We wished everyone could have come, but we understand distance and time and money, so we appreciated you all in spirit. Can’t wait to see what journal comes from you writers and us producers next.

Happy Thursday, keep writing and submitting to us, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

Launch Day Part 2: Party Summary

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