1. Who Are You and What Do You Do for The Offbeat?

 Hola! My name is Cailin Haggerty! I am a senior Professional Writing major and Public Relations minor at Michigan State University. I am often found at home playing with my 2-year-old Holland Lop named Oliver, needle-pointing, or writing poetry. I am the phonography layout-ist, number putter-inner, and master of mastheads at The Offbeat.

2.What Do You Love Most About The Offbeat?

 I have to say that my favorite part of putting together the journal has been reading submissions we have received, and we have received some wild ones (you know who you are). As a literary journal, I love that The Offbeat has a feel that is completely different from any other journals I have read. The range of topics and genres feels limitless, and I think that that is unique.

3. What Are Your Favorite Kinds of Offbeat Stories?

My favorite kinds of offbeat stories are those that make me think about what the author is trying to say. We have gotten a lot of submissions where the title gives away the meaning of the story/poem, but without it makes absolutely no sense. I dig that.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do?

 If I could travel anywhere I would find myself on a plane back to Ireland. It’s a very strange feeling to go to a foreign country and feel at home, but that’s how I felt on the lush green hills of the Gaelic land. It was amazing.

Skip the city though.

5. If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?

 My grandma and I are best friends and we have always wished that we had grown up together, so for that reason, the 1940s.

6. What Is One Fact The Offbeaters (Our Readers/Contributors) MUST Learn About You?

 I am one cool cat, yo.

Interview with Offbeat staff: Cailin Haggerty, Masthead and Copyright Editor

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