Hello Offbeaters, and welcome back. Are you getting cold yet? Cause here in Michigan, we certainly are.

With the month of December now underway, winter has taken hold of The Offbeat headquarters at Michigan State University. Lake-effect snow and plummeting temperatures have even caused our staff to be unrecognizable to each other on the street since we have to pile layer upon layer in defense against mother nature.

But we like to think that winter shouldn’t be a season that we’re unequipped as humans to survive (even if it’s somewhat true). So, we’re going to give you our top five tips to make your winter warmer and more enjoyable, while still being the zany, offbeat people we know you are:

1. Find a personalized rice bag


There’s always a good, old fashioned rice bag to throw in the microwave to keep you warm during the winter months. You can put these necessities under a blanket to create a fortress of warmth while you watch the snow fall outside, whether it be while watching a movie, writing your next submission, or going to sleep before facing the next cold day (and then maybe staying asleep a little too long because its so gloriously warm). There are all sorts of cool patterns and themes that makes them even cozier and lets your express your offbeat sensibilities, like this spellbinding Harry Potter rice bag for the aspiring witch or wizard.

2. Have a designated “Hibernation Suit”



Have a go-to onesie ready at home after a long day of dealing with the elements is another must for winter. Who cares about so-called style when you can be satisfied and be yourself? Nothing’s better than feeling completely comfortable and self-fulfilling in a sleeping bag you can walk in while staying warm! But with onesies you won’t just ward off the cold, but also be able to show your own personal killer, offbeat style. Love Pokémon? You could become a fleecy Charizard! Want to embody your favorite winter holiday? Why not not dress like an elf? The choices are endless for everyone’s different, zany style.

3. Treat yourself with a tabletop fireplace


Another way to stay warm and enhance the ambiance of winter’s beauty is adding a tabletop fireplace to your favorite room. I mean, even if you already have a full sized one, why not have another? Not only will it add a whole other layer of heated- defense between you and the cold on the other side of the window, but you could even use it to try roasting some marshmallows or chestnuts as well. It may take a while, but getting up from your heated rice bag and onesie to roast them in the oven may be much less enticing.

4. Try a new, snow-tastic hobby


It’s not only keeping warm and alive indoors that makes it easier to enjoy winter’s splendor, but finding a way to make the most of it outdoors as well. If you’re one who misses your favorite summer activities, you can try adapting them to the snow! A prime example of this is if you’re an avid watersports enthusiast, try an adapted version like snow kayaking instead of sledding. Similar concept to both activities, but the combo has the added bonus of not getting soaked if you tip over and being able to steer.

5. Make yourself some faux-Snow


For those of you who may live below the point where the world freezes over, but still want to experience the magic of snow, you can always make your own with this pinnacle of human achievement: instant snow. This wonderful (non-toxic), logic defying snow can give you the beautiful atmosphere of winter without the hassle. But hey, who’s to say that if you already have snow, you can’t wish for more too? You can get some snow, you can get some snow, EVERYONE CAN GET SNOW!

Winter is certainly the harshest of the four seasons, but with these tips and more it can become a wonderful, survivable, and quirky time of the year that any Offbeater can look forward to.

Stay warm, stay warmer, stay warmest, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our production team member, Nicole Gaukel)

5 Ways to Survive the Winter in Offbeat Style

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