By: Ella Caudill

As Christmas quickly approaches, you may be struggling to find a gift for the offbeat person in your life that is as unique and absurd as they are. It is true us Offbeaters are a rare and special breed, but there are a few common characteristics among all Offbeaters that can serve as your guideline to Christmas shopping. Offbeaters are quirky, nerdy, curious and unusual. When shopping for that special offbeat person, remember our love of literature and all things weird.

Here are a few gifts that will bring Christmas bliss to the offbeat friend or family member in your life:

And if you are an Offbeater yourself, we present to you a list of things you never knew you needed. You’re welcome.

  1. This mug that will speak to the soul of any Offbeater.

This will bring every Offbeater immense Christmas joy and grammatical bliss with every sip.

2. This mood-setting candle for a romantic night alone.

Oh the sweet, sweet smell of musky books. This candle is perfect for a night in with fictional friends.

3. These handy notebooks for the introverted Offbeater.

Perfect for scrambling down ones creative thoughts and ideas. And diverting the conversation.

4. This sweatshirt of Barb, the patron saint of offbeatness.

Because honestly, is any Offbeater really over the loss of our beloved Barb?

5. This shower curtain for the friend as offbeat and majestic as this sloth.

A necessary addition to any offbeat household.

6. These glow in the dark bookmarks for the offbeat insomniac.

Because Offbeaters have no bedtime.

7. The only socks an Offbeater will ever need.


The OG of offbeat. Let these Edgar socks warm your feet while his stories disturb your soul as you curl up by the fire this Christmas.


Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Offbeat People in Your Life

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