Hello Offbeaters! Welcome back this week to our feature blog. With Christmas upcoming and the scramble for fab presents getting intense, we have some of the best ideas for some zany, off the wall, yet brilliant presents (we are The Offbeat, after all).

We’re not just talkin’ ‘hipster’ record players and cute socks. We’re getting down to the knitty-gritty of what that amazingly odd person on your holiday shopping list REALLY wants.

For the Electric Fashionista

Sugarpill Cosmetics

This stuff is Kat Von D on steroids… and with a massive sugar rush. That person on your list that loves the sickeningly cute and the colorfully flamboyant will love you forever if you hook them up with a Sugar Pill gift card or blue glitter lipstick.


For the Geek, Expecting

Star Wars maternity shirt

You want to welcome the new member of your tribe on a good note, so start him or her off with some great swag. Plus, you know the mother will appreciate the comparison you’re giving her little one! (nerdyshirts.com)

Star Wars Maternity Shirt


For the Trendy Time Traveler

Tardis Strung Lights

Not only are these Tardis lights perfect for decorating for the holidays, but they are also the perfect gift to give the Doctor Who fan in your life. They’ll spice up any room or outdoor setting, and they’re small enough so that your receiver won’t be fooled into thinking they might be functioning.(thinkgeek.com)

Tardis Lights


For the Fantasizing Fanatic

Soot Sprite jewelry

Okay, we all know we dreamed of having soot sprites of our own after watching Spirited Away. With these adorable jewelry pieces, you can always have these little guys whispering in your ear or hanging around your neck to keep you company. (etsy.com)

Earring Version


For the Style-Loving Gamer

Zelda Bottle Opener

Nothing says, “come relax and have fun” like a wall-mount bottle opener with a favorite video game icon. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite video game aficionado. Best part is, you only know the reference if you know the reference, so it looks good at parties but still totes the insignia of your favorite game. (amazon.com)

Zelda Bottle Opener


For the Spiritual Savant

Ouija Board Oven Mitt

This will give the most spiritual person on your list some super fun flair for their home. This way, they can always keep the spirits in mind, even while cooking. Besides, no one likes a boring oven mitt. (etsy.com)
Ouija Mitts


For the Sophisticated Sass-Master

Shakespearean Insults Chart

Your theater-loving or sarcastic classics-lovers friends’ faces will light up when they open this gift. You will be so ecstatic and feel so satisfied for having picked out the perfect item… until weeks later when they start calling you a sanctimonious pirate or a loggerhead. No Good deed goes unpunished, does it? (uncommongoods.com)

Shakespeare Insult Book


For the Eclectic Musician

101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die

Inspire the musician or music lover on your list with this quirky book filled with unusual or unheard of artists. They might fall in love, and they also might laugh a lot. Either way, you’ve won! (spencersonline.com)

101 Artists to Listen To Before You Die


For the Immersive Space Cadet

Okay, so they haven’t made it to the moon. Yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your space-loving friends’ imaginations with some delicious astronaut food. Take it from me: this yummy freeze-dried ice cream is a BLAST (ha, get it?) Hint: Neapolitan.

Astronaut Ice Cream


For the Prehistoric Pet-Lover

Hatching Dinosaur Candle

This candle begins as an egg, and as the wax melts away over time, a baby dinosaur appears. Whaaaaat? The curious sci-fi lover on your list will love the wonder they receive from this gift that keeps on giving. And they’ll have an adorable new friend at the end of it all! (firebox.com)
Baby Dino Candle


Keep our suggestions in mind when you scramble for gifts, because they might just be the perfect one. I mean, who doesn’t love neon eyeliner to look fabulous while summoning spirits during a cookie-baking sesh?

…Just us? Our offbeat is showing, isn’t it?

Either way, best of luck you wonderful, zany people.

Safe shopping, don’t go broke, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our design team member, Alayna Alfred)

Best Offbeat Gift Suggestions for Offbeat People

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