Who Are You and What Do You Do for The Offbeat?
Hi guys! My name is Jessie Alward, I’m a junior here at Michigan State University majoring in Professional Writing and I’m a member of the production team here at The Offbeat. Some of my responsibilities include reading submissions, conducting communication with authors, and editing pieces for content and clarity.

What Do You Love Most About The Offbeat?
There are tons of things to love about working on this publication! The group of people who put The Offbeat together are all so excited about producing a great product and it makes the environment so fun and collaborative. Plus, I’m grateful to have the chance to get such great experience putting together a journal from the ground up.

What Are Your Favorite Kinds of Offbeat Stories?
My favorite kinds of Offbeat stories are the ones that have very out-of-left-field plot twists that throw the reader off, but essentially end up making the story feel more complete. I also love stories and poems where the writer’s voice and tone really shine, it gives the piece such personality and really helps it stand out.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Words?
Quite honestly I could write a sappy love letter to words that would stretch on for pages. However, if I had to narrow it down, I would say that I love words for all of their potential. Language is such an incredible tool that human beings use, and the potential for self-expression with that tool is unlimited. When I think about what I love about words I think of all the books and stories I’ve read throughout the course of my life, from Shel Silverstein to Kurt Vonnegut. All of those stories that helped shape my views on life sprouted from someone putting together a few words, and I think that’s incredible.

What Is One Fact The Offbeaters (Our Readers/Contributors) MUST Learn About You?
I attempted to pierce my own nose when I was twelve years old. I literally just took an earring, poked it into my nostril, and thought “Well huh, look at that.” I then proceeded to go downstairs and ask my mom how mad she would be if I pierced my own nose. She was not amused, and the piercing didn’t last. However, I do have a pretty cool scar on my nose to prove it.

What is Your Favorite Scientific Element and Why?

I’m going to have to say mercury is my favorite because I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan. The scene where Walt uses mercury fulminate to cause a giant, crazy explosion is iconically awesome.

An Offbeat Interview With: The Offbeat Production Team Member, Jessie Alward

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