Who Are You and What Do You Do for The Offbeat?
Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Weitzel. I’m a senior at Michigan State, double majoring in English and Professional Writing. At The Offbeat, I’m one of the contributing editors/designers who works on the literary journal, and I’m a member of the Communications Team. On the Comm. Team specifically, I’m in charge of The Offbeat Facebook page.

What Do You Love Most About The Offbeat?
I love The Offbeat staff. We’re all a bunch of different, “offbeat” people who bring our own skills and ideas to the table. The Offbeat is kind of like a big family; we’re all always working with each other and collaborating. Creating a successful journal isn’t as hard as it seems when working in a fun and laid-back environment with people you actually like.

What Are Your Favorite Kinds of Offbeat Stories?
I’m a fan of poetry. I like that poems can be long or short, iambic pentameter or free verse, they can be about world peace or a hotdog, have a rhyme scheme or be totally random; poetry is all over the place, and it can be literally whatever the author wants it to be. At The Offbeat, the wackier the better. Getting submissions from such talented authors all over the world is an amazing process. It’s hard to believe that this much talent exists in the world, and each piece I read kind of restores my faith in humanity.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Words?
Words are probably the coolest thing in the world, other than flowers and outer space and dogs. I find it amazing that they’re constantly evolving and growing along with us and the world around us. Books, scripts, lyrics, advertisements, poems; words connect us, influence us, and they can change us. I love having the power to be a part of this influence and change by basically just lining up a bunch of scribbles in a certain way.

What Is One Fact The Offbeaters (Our Readers/Contributors) MUST Learn About You?
I hate tomatoes. They’re balls of watery nothingness with a hint of disgusting. I don’t want to see them, I don’t want to smell them, and I definitely don’t want to taste them. Don’t get me wrong, I like ketchup and salsa as much as the next person. But, once I see a big slice of juicy tomato, or even taste a hint of tomato gunk in my Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme, you’ve lost me. My hatred for tomatoes dominates many of the choices I make in my life, and it’s fundamental to understanding why I am the way that I am.

What is Your Favorite Scientific Element and Why?
In my 8th grade science class, each student was assigned an element to give a presentation on, and mine was phosphorus. This nostalgic memory makes me biased towards this particular element. And, because I reported on phosphorus about eight years ago, I like to spout off random facts about it to show that I’m pretty much an expert. Plus, phosphorus makes stuff blow up, so that’s cool, too.

An Offbeat Interview With: The Offbeat Facebook Manager, Elizabeth Weitzel

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