Dear Offbeaters:

We accept the fact that we have had to sacrifice our whole semester (or more) to The Offbeat, and now we have to leave it all behind for whatever reason people have to leave classes for (maybe graduating or learning more I guess?). But we think it’s crazy to make us write a whole essay telling you who we think we are after it. It’s impossible to say who we are simply. You see us how we want you to see us… In the coolest terms of our possible definitions, which is convenient for us behind the screen of publishing and professionalism. But, despite how we want you to see us, as wonderfully put-together as we act, we found out in our time together that each one of us is an editor… and a creator… and a basket case… an organizer… and forever part of The Offbeat team.

Does that help answer any final questions about us?

Sincerely yours,
The Offbeat Staff of Spring 2017

Alayna Alfred
Jessie Alward
Emily Claus
Katie Dudlets
Nicole Gaukel
Stephanie Marceau
Paulina Minnebo
Lizzie Oderkirk
Nitish Pahwa
Curtis Vandonkelaar
Elizabeth Weitzel

Hello everyone! The semester has wrapped up and your favorite staff members are all off on new adventures. But The Offbeat will be back to reading regular submissions in the fall and things will be back to full tilt. For now, we will be taking a short hiatus from everything (blog, Twitter, etc.) until we can give our remaining staff members a good break. Thank you so much for your love and support. See you soon!

Enjoy summer, remember us fondly, and stay weird.

(This post is accredited to our lovely communications team member and blog manager, Stephanie Marceau)

An Offbeat Farewell (For Now)

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