There are groups of us, in pockets all around the world, whose tastes lean a bit towards the absurd. Odd interactions fascinate us; our curiosity is piqued by those who push boundaries. We think it is in these situations where life really gets interesting. We want the many facets of your eccentricities to come together to create a publication catered toward the bizarre, the whimsical, and the outlandish. We hope to create a platform for artists with similar interests as ourselves to be able to seek out these parts of life and use their musings as a tool to fearlessly explore and understand this weird world around us. After all, without the abnormal, we’d never have a normal – not that we need one, anyway.

The Offbeat is affiliated with the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. We read year round and publish biannually. Head over to our Submit and Contests pages to see what we’re currently accepting.

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