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Our Editors (written by them, for you!)

Camille Allen— Camille is a junior at Michigan State University studying Professional Writing and Graphic Design. She has interned in the realms of journalism, communications and public relations, and is now orchestrating a community development diversity initiative. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels, painting with watercolors, and watching true crime documentaries.

Najiang An— Najiang An is a passionate Chinese bilingual editor who works between English and Chinese. She came to The Offbeat to challenge herself in the editing profession and teamwork.

Casey Boland— Casey is a senior at Michigan State University pursuing degrees in Advertising and Professional Writing. After graduating this spring, she hopes to find a position in strategy and account planning at a global advertising agency. She is currently serving as an editor and layout designer for The Offbeat and as a digital marketing assistant for the MSU Union. Past positions include copy editor and social media and communications intern. When she isn’t studying, she spends her time binging Netflix TV shows, drinking tea, and supporting MSU’s athletic teams.

Olivia Caswell— Olivia is a junior at Michigan State University studying Professional Writing with a focus in Editing and Publishing. This is the first issue she has worked on with The Offbeat. Olivia enjoys working closely with her authors, getting experience with editing, and collaborating with the rest of The Offbeat team. In her spare time she is most definitely glued to her computer screen watching Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. In the rare instance that she isn’t doing that, she can be found reading one of the many books she has waiting on the shelves of her extensive personal library.

Sydney Landon— Sydney is an avid reader whose childhood interests turned professional in the form of an editor. She has worked at The Offbeat and as a remote freelance editor for both online and printed publications. Graduating in 2019, she studies at Michigan State University majoring in Professional Writing, which is basically a fancy way of saying that she studied publishing and design. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, drawing, and taking pictures of her cats.

Lauren Tiedje

Kennedi Lurry— Kennedi  is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Professional Writing and minoring in Creative Writing. This is Kennedi’s first year on staff with The Offbeat and she enjoys every aspect of it! After she graduates from Michigan State, Kennedi hopes to go into the entertainment industry, working as an agent and representing the world’s leading influencers within the industry.

Autumn Miller— Autumn is an English and Professional Writing major at Michigan State University. Her concentrations are in creative writing and editing and publishing. She is a firm believer in the oxford comma, and her job that requires writing in AP style nearly kills her. When she’s not checking pronoun-antecedent agreements and adding proper punctuation to poetry, she’s working on her own photo-prose project, “35mm Measurements of What We Were.” She also really likes baking cookies and running on cold mornings too, but those aren’t very writerly in her opinion.

Mary Nguyen— Never really knowing what she should truly do in life, Mary soon realized that writing was a passion she slowly grew into. Writing came to her in a low point where she had no idea what she wanted to do in college, major wise. Slowly she realized that writing, poetry, and short stories were something she loved. She decided to do something within the writing field, focusing mainly on editing and publishing. The Offbeat was something she was involved in for two semesters, giving her more experience in the publishing field. Being part of The Offbeat team also gave her more editing experience. After discovering writing, she finally realizes what she truly wants to do in life.

Claire Palmer— Although new to the editing scene, Claire has a passion for the well-written word. She has always loved any piece of writing that she could get her hands on that instills an undeniable emotion within the reader. No matter if this was a novel, a poem, or a wickedly-weird short story that was published in The Offbeat as long as it was done well there is always a place for it in her mind. Besides being an editor for The Offbeat, she is a senior at Michigan State that hopes to go on and publish her own work someday.

Breana Rich— Breana is currently receiving her degree in English and Professional Writing at Michigan State University. After graduation, she hopes to delve deep into the world of editing, writing, and publishing. Her greatest interests and dreams are in magazine and journal editing, so she feels right at home at The Offbeat. She believes that editing is a collaboration between the editor and the author and that editing is a battle for both the needs of the author and the needs of the reader. Breana is happiest with a cat sleeping by her side, a cup of coffee in one hand, and a book in the other.

John Westendorf— John is an editor who works to bring creativity and standards together. He believes that the amalgamated nature of English can be both a hurdle and a gift that provides writers with a dizzying array of options that can be wrangled into incredibly fascinating and magnificent creations with the right balance of liberty and guidance. He draws on his own muddled aggregation of experiences to guide his editorial work and consistently looks to find new and interesting topics to explore.

Jovon Woods— Jovon was born in Battle Creek, MI and enjoyed soccer and was the president of Japanese Club in her high school years. She discovered her passion for the humanities her junior year and competed at the local, and then national, level in the NAACP ACTSO competition in Philadelphia, PA. She was awarded three medals for poetry, short story, and screenwriting. Now, she studies English and Japanese at Michigan State University where she struggles to figure out life with the rest her peers.


Managing Editors (don’t worry— they wrote theirs too)

Ben Bland— Ben Bland is a senior studying Professional Writing with a concentration on editing and publishing. Ben is a Managing Editor of The Offbeat. He is currently the Prose Editor of Red Cedar Review and was an editorial intern for Prime Publishing. With The Offbeat, Ben has managed the annual contest, oversaw author communication, and taught the editing process. Ben is a Marvel enthusiast, bow tie aficionado, and board game expert. He is waiting for the existential dread to set in.

Ashita Nichanametla— Ashita is a managing editor for The Offbeat literary journal. Her editorial philosophy is to produce the most engaging and compelling stories to reach readers. She is especially interested in stories that retell clichés in an interesting way, high-fantasy fiction, and stories from cultures around the world. When Ashita isn’t immersed in literature, she’s still reading Webtoons, binge-watching Netflix (for the storytelling, of course), or enjoying bubble tea in a café.

Martha Spall— Martha is a senior at Michigan State University with majors in English Literature and Professional Writing with a concentration in Editing and Publishing. She has been noticing that a lot of submissions to The Offbeat lately explore our relationships with home appliances. And she loves it. Martha has worked on the fall and spring issues of Vol. 18 of The Offbeat and is currently working alongside brilliant co-managers Ben and Ashita to bring Vol. 19 | Fall to the people. It’s gonna be a weird one. Get excited.