By: Natalie Zunker

As November comes to a close and finals weeks draws nearer, stress can be a huge problem for students and staff at any university. Whether you’re dealing with the end of the semester stress, end of the year stress, holiday stress, or anything in general, we’ve got some offbeat suggestions to help you get by–or simply avoid responsibilities at all cost.  

  1. Melt it away.


That’s right, dust off the gym membership you never utilized for the sole purpose of heading to the sauna and sitting in it longer than medically advised. The stress will quite literally sweat right out of you, and you might be ready to tackle your workload afterward.

2. Face it head-on.

If you sleep with your textbook under your pillow at night there’s always a chance the information will leak right into your brains during your slumber. We can’t confirm how high that chance is, however.

3. Sleep it off.


There’s also always the option of ditching the textbooks in general and sleeping your problems away. Afterward, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on whatever life is throwing at you! Or not. Repeat step one if necessary.

4. Become Obsessed with Something New.

There’s no better time to take up cross stitching other than when you have a plethora of deadlines on your plate.

5. Chop off your hair.


If you can’t recognize yourself with a new do then it must be likely that your responsibilities can’t either. Problem solved?

6. Get a Tattoo


It’s easy to remember the never-ending to-do list on the back of your hand when it’s in permanent ink!

7. Learn a new language.


It’s hard to move to Tokyo if you don’t know Japanese. Learn the local language before moving away from all your problems.


7 Offbeat Ways to Handle the End of the Semester Stress

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