By: Sierra Richards

Routine is the downfall to creativity. Here’s a couple fun ways to break the norm and live life a little more “offbeat”.

1. Face the other way in the elevator
Riding in an elevator with other strangers is always awkward, but this will help take you to the next level.

2. Run. Literally everywhere
Make Forrest Gump proud and run to your heart’s content. An average commute will definitely feel more dramatic.

3. Push a grocery cart backwards throughout the store
Pushing a grocery cart with the handle is so mainstream. You might get a couple funny looks, but you’ll definitely brighten the grocery workers’ day.

4. Sit right next to someone on a park bench
Who knows? You might even make a friend out of it.

5. Dance like nobody’s watching at a gas station
Filling up gas doesn’t need to be a chore. Take it to the next level by busting out your best moves.

6. High five a stranger
This one has the potential to go a multiple of ways. The key is keep a jolly look on your face and yell “high five!” with as much enthusiasm as possible.

7. Walk backwards out of the room
Who needs to see where they’re going when you have trust and a good attitude? Bonus points if you moonwalk.

8. Wear a suit to your nearest fast food place
A good suit never goes out of style. To go for a secret agent look, add sunglasses and assure the cashier that this is urgent business.

9. Skip out of a public bathroom
You might get some weird looks, but no one will want to ask.

10. Read a book upside down in public
Will people question your intelligence? Yes. Will it still be hilarious? Double yes.

~Stay weird~

10 Ways To Be More Offbeat

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